Types of male potency stimulants

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Normal potency in men is an important part of his physical and psychological health. Many men throughout their lives, and especially in old age, are concerned with the issue of maintaining good potency.

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Potency is a man's ability to have intercourse regardless of reproductive functionality. But modern male life with its bad habits, poor diet, stress and chronic fatigue has a negative impact on a person's overall health, including male potency.

Violations in the field of potency can occur in men at any age.

At the first symptoms of the detection of this pathology, you should immediately consult a doctor who will conduct a thorough examination, identify the causes of the disease and prescribe a specific treatment. Usually, factors that negatively affect erectile function are eliminated first. To do this, men must adjust their lifestyle, for example by giving up bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. ). Some drugs that have a beneficial effect on male potency - male potency stimulants can also be helpful in maintaining potency. They can be of natural or pharmaceutical origin. But before you turn to drugs, you should try to normalize potency by adjusting the diet,

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External factors

Environmental disasters, environmental pollution - all this negatively affects human health, in men it can lead to violations in the field of potency. Harmful working conditions, the process of working in rooms with polluted air can cause irreparable damage to the male body, especially if safety precautions are not observed. But even the sitting position of the torso, typical of many modern professions, can cause blood to flow from the genitals, leading to malfunction of the entire reproductive system.

A good diet also plays an important role in men's health.

Food provides the body with energy, provides elements for hormonal synthesis. Useful trace elements such as phosphorus and zinc are actively involved in maintaining male potency. Zinc is the main element entering into the composition of testosterone. If there is not enough zinc in the body, the production of the male hormone decreases considerably and the libido decreases. In addition, phosphorus is part of testosterone and plays an important role in many important processes in the body, for example synthesis. It has an effect on erection, libido. Ascorbic acid and vitamin E are necessary for the male body to prevent negative destructive cellular processes.

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Often, disorders in the area of the reproductive system are formed due to stagnation of blood circulation, stress, chronic fatigue, heavy physical labor and other life problems. Bad habits (tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs) play a negative role in men's health.

Internal causes

First of all, it is various pathologies of the genitourinary system, infectious phenomena, inflammatory processes that directly cause dysfunction of the genital organs, and potency also suffers. Hormonal imbalance can lead to negative consequences, a decrease in sexual desire. Endocrine diseases (for example, diabetes), numerous cardiovascular anomalies (heart failure, etc. ), genetic pathologies, malignant neoplasms, congenital malformations, prostate adenoma - all these factors adversely affect male strength.

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Age-related changes also negatively affect male potency. The aging process makes it difficult for men to have an erection, but age-related changes are irreversible and often lead to male impotence.

Stimulants of natural origin

Today, the pharmaceutical industry has in its arsenal a wide range of drugs to boost male potency. Many men give their preference to stimulants of natural origin. In addition, to normalize male strength, you can use not only drugs, but also various useful nutritious foods that activate the functions of the reproductive system. These are aphrodisiac foods: nuts, seafood, meat dishes, etc. Dairy products, vegetables, eggs, fruits have a positive effect on men's health. Bee products are extremely useful in this case - they normalize male sexual functions, activate potency.

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Pharmaceutical stimulants

If natural stimulants do not help to solve the problem of male potency, special drugs are used, which are prescribed by doctors. Only an experienced medical specialist will help the patient to understand this problem, identify the causes of the pathology and determine the necessary medications to eliminate the disease.

In this situation, various dietary supplements are usually characterized by high demand - herbal or homeopathic preparations of natural origin, which have a beneficial effect on male sexual potency.

With their help, it is possible to establish erectile function, improve the quality of sexual relations.

The use of dietary supplements is not addictive. Their main function is the activation of blood flow in the area of the male reproductive system, an increase in erection.

Synthetic drugs

Generic substances that are part of synthetic male potency stimulants cause an active blood rush in the penis, increasing its vascular pressure. Among them, the following drugs are the most popular:

  • Based on tadalafil - consumed 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. Keep their action for 36 hours. It is strictly forbidden to take it with alcoholic beverages;
  • Based on sildenafil - taken one hour before sexual contact. Keep their effect for 5 hours. Do not take with alcohol, as well as with fatty foods;
  • On the basis of vardenafil - the reception should take place half an hour before sexual intercourse. Valid for 12 hours. Alcohol or food addictions of a man in this situation do not affect the effect of the drug.

It is not recommended to use male potency stimulants without a doctor's prescription, as they may have contraindications and negative side effects.